Only those who know the cause of his erectile dysfunction can combat it effectively.

Erectile dysfunctions are mostly organic and can be treated very well.
Prof. Dr. Summer reasons of erectile dysfunction – tackle the problem at the root
In general, there is an erectile dysfunction (also called erectile dysfunction, short: ED or popularly called impotence), if one (s) is unable to build an erection that persists to their own orgasm. In many cases, sexual intercourse is even made impossible. Only those who know the cause of his erectile dysfunction can combat it effectively.

Up to 90 percent of all erectile dysfunction cases are organic

Until about 25 years ago, it was believed that mostly erectile dysfunction had psychological causes. Meanwhile, the research is so far that we know that this is not the case!

We know today that in at least 55 to 90% of all cases of erectile dysfunction an organic (physical) impairment is present, such as changes in the penis directly, his blood supply (arteriosclerosis) or on the nerve tracts (for example, diabetes).

Important to know: Men who have erectile dysfunction often develop a psychogenic problem (such as depression), which puts a heavy burden on them and their partner. This is easy to understand: the man who finds himself unable to build a good erection multiple times starts to worry and worry about the next intimate exchange. These thoughts are inhibitory and naturally have an increasing effect on erectile dysfunction.

In this case one speaks of a so-called mixed picture. The root cause is usually an organic problem of the patient, a psychogenic problem has also developed from it. Causes of psychogenic erectile dysfunction can be, for example, an increased workload, especially with time pressure and stress or even private problems (such as in a relationship or family problems).

Overall, a distinction is made between

Organic causes
Psychogenic causes (e.g., depression)
Age as a cause of failure
Often the concept of asexuality also falls in this context. The lack of desire for sex can also be due to mental, organic or age-related causes. Learn more>

In many men, the causes of erectile dysfunction combined appear. For example, circulatory disorders are often associated with the loss of smooth muscle cells in the erectile tissue and also pelvic floor weakness. On the other hand, pelvic floor weakness may also be the most important and crucial point of an erectile dysfunction, but it does occur in combination with neural changes.

In therapy, the specialist must make a careful diagnosis and weigh the causes to develop a treatment concept that allows patients to be most likely to succeed.

Before the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction comes the diagnosis

Unfortunately, doctors are increasingly resorting to the prescription block and prescribe a so-called potency pill, without clarifying the causes of erectile dysfunction. Most men are reluctant to talk about erectile dysfunction, so this form of treatment is convenient for them. However, treatment with PDE-5 inhibitors (e.g., Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra) is associated with risks and side effects, and does not always achieve the desired result.

Who is affected and really seeks healing, should insist on a sound diagnosis to determine the causes of erectile dysfunction. Generally valid tips without examination help only rarely. At the same time, a thorough dignosis can indicate a primary disease to be treated, which can avoid serious consequences. In many cases erectile dysfunction is also an important early symptom of cardiovascular disease. Learn more

What to look out for when choosing your specialist, read here.

Therapy of erectile dysfunction
Today no man has to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Often there is the possibility of a cure so that the affected men can again experience a spontaneous fulfilled sexuality without any auxiliary tablets, medicines and / or remedies. Depending on the cause of the erectile dysfunction, the therapy options of the patient range from talking therapies / coaching through drug options to surgical procedures. Everyone can be helped. Read more

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Stress can lead to permanent damage to the erection ability
Stress is one of the most important, psychogenic causes of erectile problems. Anyone who is under great pressure professionally or privately, can feel the negative consequences in the love life. Although only 10 percent of all potency problems are purely psychological, the psyche and the body are closely related. What begins organically can later also become a psychological problem, but the reverse is also true.

Stress leads to a release of (stress) hormones, which have a negative effect on the testosterone production of the man. This leads to both the sexual drive (libido) decreases as well as negative remodeling processes take place in the penis. For example, testosterone deficiency leads to the breakdown of smooth muscle cells in the erectile tissue, which are very important in achieving a good and firm erection.

In addition, “bad connective tissue” such as collagen is built up in the erectile tissue, which initially leads to the fact that the erections are no longer hard enough and it no longer comes in the later course to a good, penile erection.

Organically induced erectile dysfunction is therefore primarily caused by hormonal changes such as the change in testosterone. The aging process also means that certain organ structures can not produce enough hormones such as testosterone.