Natural potency remedies

In addition to chemical power agents, such. The PDE5 inhibitor Viagra, there are many natural substances, which is said to have a potency-enhancing effect. Natural power remedies are often herbal. But you can also from other structures such. animal products are obtained.
Below we list various natural sexual enhancers as well as their suspected or proven efficacy. As with all sexual enhancers, the effect also depends on the severity of the erectile dysfunction. Some men also take these drugs as aphrodisiacs without any medical indication and to increase their sexual performance.

There is a great deal of advertising regarding these sexual enhancers as they are generally available without a prescription. Unfortunately, there are many dubious providers in this market. For this reason, we generally advise against self-medication in the interest of your health.

Important: Anyone suffering from erectile problems or impotence should go into the hands of a specialist. Erectile dysfunction is today very treatable and often even curable, so that sufferers do not have to take their entire life medication. In addition, erection problems can be an important early symptom of stroke and heart attack. Anyone who goes into treatment early as a man can not only save his love life. Learn more

Overview of natural sexual enhancers


This is a substance found in the gray ambergris of the sperm whale. It is used especially in Arab countries as an alternative to potency increase. The effect of Ambrein is based on stimulating various endogenous, hormonal “production sites” and, accordingly, releasing more testosterone into the male body. An increased testosterone level leads to improved libido and can cause better erections.


Bufotenine occurs predominantly in fungi. However, it was also found in the skin secretions of various toads. This substance works in the head and should cause a central increase in sexuality and libido.

Cantharidin (also: Kantharidin, better known as: Spanish fly)

The Spanish fly (Cantharis vesicatoria) of the oil beetle family is legendary for its potentizing power. Cantharidin can be rubbed on the external genitals as well as ingested orally. Since the “Spanish fly” (a beetle) is often ground for the extraction of cantharidin, it has also become known under this term. The remedy is to bring about longer-lasting erections. Even in antiquity, the beetles were crushed to a powder, which the men took. Correct: The Spanish fly inhibits the phosphodiesterase and stimulates the beta receptors. Therefore, of course, there is a corresponding sexual effectiveness. But beware! Excessive intake can cause scarring in the urethra, sometimes even kidney failure.


This substance is extracted from the group of vegetable leeks. It appears that both increase the number of coitus and the frequency of ejaculation.


From Alpinia there are different forms. In Alpinia Calcarata a corresponding positive effect on sexuality is suspected. It belongs to the ginger plants and is intended to stimulate both the erection ability and the libido.

Perennial Bertram (Anacyclus pyrethrum)

The perennial Bertram belongs to the genus of ring flowers and is actually an ornamental plant for rockeries. The active substance of the plant is generally described as having a vitalizing effect on erectile function.


Yohimbine was very important in the treatment of erectile dysfunction before the development of substances such as Levitra, Viagra or Cialis (PDE5 inhibitors). The substance was originally extracted from the bark of the Yohimbe tree and also occurs in its leaves. It goes back to the observation of African locals who chewed on the bark of the tree to improve their erectile function. Since the above-mentioned prescription PDE5 inhibitors are on the market, yohimbine is used far less frequently to improve erectile function. The study on the efficacy of this substance is very mixed. An improvement in the extent of the effect of a PDE5 inhibitor tends to be unreadable.


Ginseng is also referred to as samarroot or force root. One distinguishes white and red ginseng. In particular, the Asian variants are very well known in Germany. Ginseng is considered to have an improving effect on erectile function.

Tribulus terrestris

Besides ginseng and yohimbine, Trinulus terrestris is one of the better known substances. It is extracted from the Erd-Burzeldorn and is particularly well known in the fitness and sports field as a “natural anabolic”.


This is a well-known amino acid, which has been described as having very positive effects, in particular on the smooth muscle of the erectile tissue, leading to an improvement in erectile function. Arginine is partially mixed with other substances for better efficacy. More about arginine as a sexual enhancer


Marcafindet predominantly in the Peruvian Andes. The substance is often used as a dietary supplement. It is obtained almost exclusively from the dried tuber powder.

Herbal Potency – Ginseng: An Alternative to Prescription Potency?

Many myths are entwined with this herbal power. So it should have positive effects on the erectile function and also on the libido, so the sexual desire. In China, ginseng has long been used as an aphrodisiac. A Korean study group found that ginseng increased the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the blood. This can trigger a vasodilation.

Basically, the smooth muscle cells in the penis are “relaxed” by ginseng: The blood can flow during sexual arousal thus better into the erectile tissue. At the moment, it is becoming apparent that it makes little sense to take ginseng just before sexual intercourse, as one would expect from e.g. knows of the prescription power resources. Rather, it should be taken for weeks and months to allow for mild improvements in erectile function. In some studies, daily doses of 3 x 1000 mg ginseng were used.

Ginseng is also promised an antioxidant property. For example, antioxidant can partially prevent the erection ability from deteriorating. In addition, ginseng is also said to reduce stress symptoms. Stress can lead to a reduction in testosterone levels as well as to organic changes in the composition of the penis – especially when the stress is prolonged in men.

In summary, ginseng is not an alternative to the known prescription power resources. But taking it over a longer period of time, it could generally have a positive effect on reducing stress, on slightly improving libido and feeling better erections.

On the effectiveness of natural sexual enhancers

In contrast to the potency-enhancing drugs that you only get with a prescription in the pharmacy, the effectiveness of natural power resources has been very rarely tested in studies. In contrast, the effect of prescription drugs has been investigated and proven in several studies. These are also controlled by state regulatory agencies to verify effectiveness, effects and side effects. For this reason, the cost of the development of prescription potency often in the triple-digit million range.